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11 Fragen von an Adam W. Eishaupt (Vox/Guitar) von DISÖRDER
Fragen über Außerirdische und wichtige Themen zum Album. Des Weiteren geschichtliche Fragen und Antorten zur Band! Alles weitere zum Interview auf - klicke den Link unten
Genre: Black / Thrash Metal
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Crossfire Metal Review

Reviews über Crossfire Metal
Meinung von Crossfire: Die Mischung macht's! Und trotzdem klingt das Album nicht verhackstückt oder überladen. Hier passt alles zusammen. Die vielen verschiedenen Einflüsse sorgen dafür, dass Disörder immer eigenständig klingen, obwohl einem die Zutaten dieses finsteren Gebräus sehr vertraut sind.
Veröffentlichung: 2018
Genre: Black / Thrash Metal
Albumtitel: DISÖRDER -666- We ar the new world order
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Stormbringer Review

Reviews über Strombringer
Meinung von Strombringer: Das Album ist ein geschichtsträchtiges Stück Kunst
in musikalischer Gewalt umhüllt. Es geht um den Mythos Illuminati.
Eine Gesellschaft, die Befürworter der Aufklärung waren und auch die Religion ablehnten.
VÖ: 14.08.2018 - Bandinfo: DISÖRDER
Genre: Black / Thrash Metal
Label: Eigenproduktion
Hören & Kaufen: hier
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Bleeding4Metal Review

Reviews über Bleeding4Metal
Bekanntermaßen verbergen sich viele Perlen im Untergrund
und auch die emsigen Arbeiter von DISÖRDER gehören in diese Kategorie.
Mit DISÖRDER grüßt der schwarzmetallische Underground aus dem beschaulichen Bedburg im Rheinland.
Year released: 2018 - Tracks: 10 - Genre: Black
Rating: 8,5/10
Review online: Oktober 20, 2018 - Reviewed by: RJ
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Disörder high-quality 12 Zoll Vinyl

Reviews über Metalcrypt
Label: Independent
Year released: 2018
Duration: 43:09
Tracks: 10
Genre: Black/Thrash
Rating: 4.25/5
Review online: September 13, 2018 - Reviewed by: Luxi Lahtinen
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Disörder Album: We are the new world order
Song 3: Never say 13
Year released: 2018
Videolänge: 04:23
Genre: Black/Thrash

It's done!
The new Album is released and for the first time in Disörder history on 12Zoll Vinyl LP. It took us three years to bring it to the world. Let us shortly explain what has happened with and to DISÖRDER during these years:

In 2014 we just recruited two new Band Members, Lac Unator (Bass) and Rittmeister (Vocals). With this new Line-Up we released our "10 Years Under Lucifer" Compilation Album and played Shows until November 2014. We had written new Songs already, and we were in the planning and making of the new Album since January 2015. On a certain day Abaris came into our practice room, and declared that he is not able to play drums anymore. He was in pain for months, and after visiting the doctor, he was advised to stop playing drums for his own good. Well, that's what he did, understandable and farewell old Brother. In spring 2015 another problem manifested, Rittmeister had to leave the Band.

For the following reasons:
He was not thinking that the new songs were acceptable to him, and was also not in tune with the Disörder lyrical concept. So the Band's "inner circle" made the decision to split up with him. Adam W.Eishaupt returns to be the voice of Disörder. The "Drummer problem" was not solved yet. Of course we were working continually on the new music, but if you are a musician by yourself,you know that nothing can be better than the real Drummer behind the Kit. The search for a "compatible" Drummer was still on.

2016. Fortunately we have found a Drummer. Unfortunately was and is, that he lives in the USA.
(NEWS BREAK: decision was made to play with a live session Drummer. We welcome Drummer Steve "The Unspeakable" Wolz to Disörder. Faustian is still official Disörder member.)
Of course we had to solve this problem too. So new Drummer "Faustian" had to learn all the Songs, upload them to DropBox, and we pratctised to his recordings. Of course this took some time, as you could easily imagine. Under the watchful eye of Yog Sothoth, Faustian was led to build up a 8 Track Analog Recording Studio in his living room. Which was all done via the internet and phone, and you can imagine that this took some time too.

2017. All Songs have been recorded. Now the Songs had to be mixed in professional way, which was done masterful by our Brother in arms Mario (Ignaz). Finished this, we had to move on with mastering the Album and fortunately Adam W.Eihaupt's and Yog Sothoth's long time friend Mat appeard on the "Stage", and declared himself to be the one who masters our new Album for us. Mat mastered the Album in professional ways for the Band, for every Internet platform, or every CD or Vinyl LP. More Information about the two named above on our new Album.

2018. CD and LP Covers designed, and ready for print and pressing. Album released worldwide on 18.08.2018.

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